Online bingo is fun, but at the end of the day it is also gambling, and when you undertake any form of online gambling you need to protect yourself and your kids. Rules and Regulations Each and every site will have their own rules and regulations. These are detailed in their terms and conditions sections, so make sure that you give them a good once over just in case! Though a lot of the sites will have fairly run-of-the-mill rules and regulations regarding online bingo, they could differ on some big points. These are just 3 of the most important things that you need to check when you join a bingo site, but those terms and conditions are packed with different rules and regulations for using the site, so make sure that you read them! It may not be fun but it could save you a lot of hassle.

  • Depositing Requirements –you need to make sure that you have met the depositing requirements of the site that you are playing on before you cash out. Typically the deposing requirement is £20. So for example – if you deposit £10 then go on to win £100, you will not be able to withdraw that cash yet because you only depositing £10 and have not yet met the depositing requirement.
  • WageringRequirement – most commonly the wagering requirement is at least 4 times the bonus amount that you received. For example; site A gives a 100% welcome bonus. You deposit £10, giving you a £10 bonus. Before you withdraw you have to WAGER 4 x that bonus, so you have to wager £40.
  • Depositing Methods –make sure that you have a little read through the depositing methods to see how long the individual site will take to process your withdraw request, if there are any fees and how long your funds will actually take to reach your chosen account.

Protection of Minors Bingo is so much fun and they tend to play it at schools and churches, so it is often easy to forget that it is actually gambling! As such, every single bingo site that you use need to make sure that minors – under the age of 18 – are protected. Though the best bingo sites are decorated to look fun and inviting, they are by no means aimed at minors and so they try to make sure that they are discouraged from playing. However, bingo sites can only do so much – YOU are in charge of the protection of any minors in your family so you can easily shield them from gambling by simply following easy steps:

  • Don’t leave your bingo games lobby logged in and running when you are away from your computer
  • Do not click the “log in automatically” option if you have underage children using the same computer
  • Make sure that your kids are educated in online gambling

Gambling Addiction Bingo sites will have their own measures in place to try and help prevent gambling addiction but you of course have a lot of responsibility, too. If you have had problems in the past or feel that this is something that could happen to you, please make sure that you take the appropriate action. There are lots of options open to you, from choosing to set yourself a daily limit, utilising a self-exclusion program in which you can have the bingo site exclude you from usage upon your demand, there is lots of help out there should you need it. Make sure you know your options by reading your sites Responsible Gaming section.