Tombola Bingo Review

Happy Families consists of seven sets of relatives and each one has its very own cash prize ranging from £5 bonus money up to £500 cash. So, pull your socks and complete a happy family Happy Families consists of seven sets of relatives and each one has its very own cash prize ranging from £5 bonus money up to £500 cash. So, pull your socks and complete a happy family.

Tombola Bingo Bonus Details

Tombola Bingo Games DetailsThis multiple award winning bingo site couldn’t gain the coveted titles of Most Online Bingo Prizes Won, Best Online Game Innovation, Best Overall Bingo Operator and even Online Bingo Operator of the Year if they didn’t have the goods to back it up! This is why you won’t be surprised to learn that they offer up terrific bingo bonuses. First up is their welcome package – an impressive 200% welcome bonus that will instantly turn your £10 deposit into a scorching £30. That’s a whopping £20 absolutely free – who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Their best feature has to be their amazing Refer a Friend bonus which is unlike anything you have ever seen! The friend you refer will become your playmate, and every time they win, YOU win! Whenever you friend wins£20 plus you will receive 10% of their! So they win £20, you win a £2 playmates bonus and so on! Could work out to be very lucrative for you!


Despite the fact that Tombola offer a generous welcome bonus and that incredible and innovative Refer a Friend bonus and have won countless awards, they are a little thin on the promotions side. Still – their eclectic mix of games acts as promotions in itself and Tombola Bingo are no strangers when it comes to dishing out the jackpots. This humble site hands their players a whopping £4 million in jackpots every single week and it’s the wacky games that keep their 3,900 players plus coming back for more and more! And the fact that you win when your Playmates win means that you don’t even have to bingo yourself to scoop a cash prize – that is definitely a promotion in itself!

Tombola Bingo Promotions


Like their unique Refer a Friend bonus, the games at Tombola Bingo are likely to be completely different to anything you’ve ever seen! Sure they have the 90 ball and 75 ball bingo games but they love to offer up some extra’s that will make playing at Tombola’s Bingo hard to forget! Take the Bingo Roulette for example: head to the mysterious Luxor Casino or rub shoulders with the rich in the gorgeous Venetian Casino, head into the glamorous Mirage or swing by the set of Oceans 11, the Bellagio! OK, not for real, unfortunately – these are just the names of the Bingo Roulette rooms! You can spin this wheel for just 10p a pop and have a crack at jackpots up to £10,000! Then there is the kooky Roller Coaster Bingo in which you choose a bingo carriage and if you manage to fill it with the first 5 bingo balls you could bag £500! These tend to be the only bingo games that Tombola offer up, however they do offer other games that are just as crazy and quirky as these! Try Hamster race in which you – you’ve guessed it – race your hamsters! Happy Families is the newest addition to this kooky brood of games and could bag you a massive £20,000! Cinco is one of their most popular non-bingo games; based on the traditional online card game, Cinco could see players scooping up to £20,000! If you really are an online bingo enthusiast and like your bingo plain and simple then head to Bingo Lite in which you can get bingo tickets for 2p or stick to that standard 75 and 90 ball bingo.

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