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A person may be tagged as superstitious but every person has different perspective and thus horoscopes do speaks at online bingo platform as well. Bingo Espresso will read the horoscope of its fans each week predicting whether this week will be a lucky one for them or not. Not only this feature will help them to pick their lucky sites but also will help them with numbers proving to be lucky for their star sign.


Mar 21 – Apr 19

Description: Change this week is only constant! The pace of work is sure to increase and you might find it a little difficult to keep up. However amidst all the change you might take a radical decision and even welcome it with open arms. The daily tasks professionally and even personally is highly required as it is only those which would keep you grounded and solvent. The work pressure this week would be a little more and you might feel you are at the breaking point but it is only then that Venus moves into Pisces to act as a balm to the soul, drawing out answers from your intuitive sixth sense.

Lucky Number : 9, 8, 6

Lucky Day : Friday, Tuesday and Saturday

Lucky Color : Red, Hot Pink, Yellow.

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Apr 20 – May 20

Description: This week you would be a little restless and this feeling must not be neglected. There would be some unfathomable thoughts and rumblings in your psyche and the feeling that something would happen will be constant. If you are in a relationship then it might reach a critical point through this week and thus you are most likely to scramble for answers. Do not try to avoid the obvious, do not try to do avoid what it right on your face! The cosmos hints that it’s no longer possible for things to go on as they are. This doesn’t mean it’s the end – just the end of routines and conversations that no longer serve you.

Lucky Number : 1, 16, 10, 9 and 7

Lucky Day : Friday

Lucky Color : Soft Greens, Rose-Pinks, Pale Turquoise

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May 21 – Jun 21

Description: People you are mixing with would play a major role in your life this week. They would in fact consume most of your mind space. Some of the people that you would come across would in fact be wild and wacky and may also play a major role in some developments of your life. You may find yourself questioning your values as well. If some of your age old beliefs and ideas are holding you back, you might find yourself being liberated but your own efforts and doing things your own way! We however advice you to be careful, and if possible take baby steps.

Lucky Number : 3, 5

Lucky Day : Thursday and Wednesday

Lucky Color : White, Silver, Yellow, Spring Green, Pale Gray

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Jun 22 – Jul 22

Description: Your future aspects and career status would seem shaky this week. May be you have experienced such shaky grounds even before but be on your guard we say. Don’t gte upset if plans don’t work out your way and you might feel that familiar desire to take matters into your own hands and you might just do things amazingly well, so keep calm. Perhaps you are simply fed up of dancing to someone else’s tunes and wish to do things on your own. But all shall be good as long as you do it carefully.

Lucky Number : 2, 7 and 9

Lucky Day : Sunday, Monday

Lucky Color : Pale Blue, Silver, Pearl, Glistening White, Emerald Green

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Jul 23 – Aug 22

Description: You are at your exploring best and you would go all out to bring changes to your life and rise up to meet your own needs, desires and expectations and explore new places and potentials. You might have the need to hurry things a little as you are little impatient but try and go in a steady pace so as to achieve all your needs. For now you’ll still need to touch base with tasks and responsibilities that could seem tedious. Perhaps you can create a workable compromise.

Lucky Number : 1, 4, 9

Lucky Day :Tuesday and Wednesday

Lucky Color : Gold, Yellow, Orange, Vermilion, Copper, Blood Red.

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Aug 23 – Sep 22

Description: To move ahead this week you might require some financing and getting a loan. However you must tread with care as you would be dealing with money and that too in the form of a loan. Cut your coat according to your cloth and only extend as much as you can manage. Try and reduce you over expenditure and search for alternatives. Try not to borrow in fact as life would get much easier that way and thus you can be relieved of all the anxiety and stress.

Lucky Number :3, 6 and 7

Lucky Day :Wednesday

Lucky Color :Pastel Shades of Blue, Gold, Peach, Yellow, Amethyst; Jade Green, Autumn

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Sep 23 – Oct 23

Description: Relationships could be a disruptive force in your life, and you could be tiring of them. Mars retrograde in your sign could make you appear feistier and less compromising, which could be a good thing. If you’re tired of having someone’s unthinking actions wreck your best-laid plans, step up to the plate and have that conversation. It could be the best thing you do this week. You’ll realize why this was so necessary when Venus enters Pisces on Saturday.

Lucky Number :2, 7, 1

Lucky Day :Sunday and Monday

Lucky Color :Royal Blue, Cerulean Blue, Rose-Pink, Amethyst, Violet

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Oct 24 – Nov 21

Description: Go in for a daily relaxation program and try and soothe your nerves by meditating. Make sure that you don’t worry at all, as whatever will be, will be hence there is no point of taking that extra stress and becoming ill. Get into a routine be it for food or exercise or work.  Daily cardio exercise that helps you pound the stress out of your system may be another way to feel good and keep smiling.

Lucky Number :3, 9 and 4

Lucky Day :Tuesday and Thursday

Lucky Color :Deep Shades of Red, Russet-Brown, Shadow-Black, Stone-Gray

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Nov 22 – Dec 21

Description: You are at your creative best and love would also take up much of your mind space this week. It is a brilliant week to pep up your romantic life and you could even plan for that much needed romantic getaway. Try and get back that excitement in your life and come out of feeling so sedate. However do not forget your responsibilities and carry out all you duties without fail. Let work enhance your inner strength and this week the presence of Venus in your home zone could bring you an aura of peace.

Lucky Number : 6, 5

Lucky Day :Wednesday and Friday

Lucky Color :Lilac, Mauve, Purple, Amethyst, Violet, Indigo, Vermilion, Midnight Blue

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Dec 22 – Jan 19

Description: This is one week when you may benefit from having a backup plan. You might find it hard to avoid interruptions that seem to take the wind out of your sails. Although there may be nothing you can do about this, having deadlines, meetings, and everyday practical activities to attend to can help you feel grounded amid the winds of change. You may appreciate the support of good friends you can chat to about anything. Doing so could bring a great sense of relief.

Lucky Number :6, 9 and 8

Lucky Day :Tuesday, Saturday

Lucky Color :Black, Gray, Violet, Dark Brown

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Jan 20 – Feb 18

Description: Even though you may be hoping for a quiet week, you might not get it. Powerful aspect patterns could escalate tension, leaving you with the feeling that you “have” to do something. The need to find out exactly what it is could make you antsy or nervous. To avoid this it might help to practice some kind of calming and relaxing meditation. Releasing those inner stresses and strains may be crucial to helping you make the right decisions, including the ones that are best for you!

Lucky Number :19, 17, 2, 10

Lucky Day : Sunday and Saturday

Lucky Color :Electric and Ultramarine Blue, Electric Green, Deep Violet

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Feb 19 – Mar 20

Description: This week may be a week of decisions especially when you need to deal with finances. Perhaps you can no longer escape the need to take timely action where an overdue bill, debt, or a lack of funds is concerned. The thing to avoid is making things worse by spending and hoping you’ll feel better. Deal with immediate problems first and don’t think of all your worried together. Don’t be stressed out and take one step at a time. You might find it easier to make peace with yourself when Venus glides into your sign.

Lucky Number :1, 4 and 3

Lucky Day :Thursday and Sunday

Lucky Color :Amethyst, Sea-Green, Turquoise