When you find something that you love to do, you will most likely want to eat, sleep and breathe that hobby! If online bingo is your hobby then you have come to the right place! Sure, we have provided you with the important details of the game of bingo but sometimes it’s fun to sit back, relax and have a good old read and a good old chuckle at some weird and wonderful facts about bingo!   Top 10 Facts about Bingo

  1. People play bingo for enjoyment most of all! In a poll asking fans why they play bingo, wining actually came 5th! So it really IS all about taking part!
  2. Bingo is not for old fogies – in fact, 30% of bingo players are actually below 35!
  3. The average bingo game last fewer than 5 minutes, so you could hit a life changing jackpot in the time it takes to boil a kettle!
  4. There is an annual Bingo Caller of the Year award!
  5. Celebrities love the game, with Robbie Williams, Catherine Zeta Jones and Sharon Osbourne admitting that they love the game.
  6. Bingo fans are clever – in fact, old ladies who play bingo are said to be far sharper than those who don’t!
  7. According to a study at the University of Cambridge, Bingo is the best online game to make you a millionaire, with the chances of you bagging a million being 200,000-1!
  8. Bingo sponsors tonnes of TV shows; Bet365 sponsor Emmerdale, saucy Wink Bingo sponsored The Only Way is Essex and Jeremy Kyle has been sponsored by Foxy Bingo, Cheeky Bingo and Think Bingo!
  9. The average bingo players spend around £20 a night on bingo games!
  10. There are 552,446,474,061,129,000,000,000,000 combinations of bingo tickets!

Flap those Bingo Wings – The Funny Old World of Bingo!

  1. “Bingo Wings” are so-called because the stereotype of bingo fans is chubby older ladies, and when they call bingo they “flap their flabby arms around like wings.”
  2. Bill Cosby’s childhood nickname was “Bingo”!
  3. Bus Conductors have started an online bingo game in the UK – they are trying to get more members of the public on the buses so they use bingo to jazz up bus times!
  4. Bingo is such a hit that it even features in the title of2 popular movies – Bingo Confidential and The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings which even starred James Earl Jones and comedy legend Richard Pryor!

Have Fun, But Look Out!

  1. There have actually been millions of fans recorded that have been treated for bingo addiction – in fact, the number is so large that experts have lost count, but they reckon that roughly 5% of female bingo fans are addicted and 3% of males are, too!
  2. When mathematician Carl Leffler went insane when he created over 6,000 bingo combinations and is said to have died in an asylum!