Win a full house to grab an extra £5 at Bright Bingo!

Bright Bingo
Bright Bingo operates on proprietary software b-livegaming, only ever seen at one other bingo site. The site offers real players regular reload bonuses, huge cash jackpots and incredible loyalty program.

As soon as you sign up on the site, you are instantly rewarded with a free bonus worth £2. Get a lavish bonus of 300% when you make a first deposit. Deposit an amount worth £10 and receive £40 in total to play with!

The ‘Flashbang Fiver’ promotion entitles you to win £5 extra on the site’s special bingo game. Come and play in 2 Scoops 80 between 1 pm and 2 pm, and you can participate in the Flashback Fiver rounds. If you win a full house during a round, your full house will be increased by a £5 cash! Do not forget to keep an eye out for the Flashbang as it will only appear twice during the hour.

Avail the ‘2 Scoops 80’ promotion to come and play in the 2 Scoops 80 game. It plays each afternoon from 1 pm with 2 x £40 jackpots to be won in each session plus Flashbang rounds, and a 100 card maximum. A player must have deposited a minimum of £10 in last 14 days in order to take part in the offer.

Playing twice each Wednesday with the ‘1p Wednesdays’ promotion, Bright Bingo has a 6 pm session to enjoy with a £50 jackpot up for grabs. Then it is all done again on the same night from 10 pm in the 1p Wednesday 100 where £100 jackpot will be won. Play in both as each room has a massive 100 card max and exciting line prizes. The entry condition is once again a minimum deposit of £10 in last 14 days. So, participate and make your Wednesday a special one!

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