Wink Bingo in a brand new avatar

wink bingo-logoWink Bingo has recently gone through a facelift and the site does look stunning. We loved it! They are basically celebrating their 7th birthday and hence the major change. The current design is very unique and looks like graffiti on the wall with the major offers and promotions being highlighted on it.

For a limited period you would get to play with a whopping £50 just for depositing a £10. But joining in would also give you an extra £10 in the form of bingo tickets. Also, if you spin the wheel which we know you would, you can lay your hands on a whopping £1000. The other special which will be around only till the end of February are their 7th birthday games. So head on over to their ‘7th Birthday’ tab and you can play the special game every evening sharp at 7pm. Also visit their website and they have a separate page where you can click on the years gone by and take a trip back memory lane by playing the game in this special section. Sniff, sob smile Wink Bingo would make you do all this and much more in style.

Then there’s the Newbies room where as a new player you would get access in here for 3 whole days. You can learn the ropes or simply win as much as you want to by playing the free bingo games. Timing from 7am to 10pm and you can win a huge £300 as bonus each day.

Look out for the special promotions where you can take back home brand new cars, mind blowing sums of money and even win for yourself foreign holidays.

Jackpots are many at Wink Bingo but we loved their Hundreds of 100’s promo. This jammy little jackpot is a bit of a player! It flirts with most of our hosted 75 & 90 ball rooms from hour to hour. Just listen to your host to find out when the next game is playing & where, or check it out on the timetable found on the site.

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