Brighten your days with dazzling promos from Bright Bingo

bright bingo logoFor a long time Bingo Cams was the only site operating on the unique b-livegaming software and thus churned out some of the most distinctive bingo games in the bingo industry. But quiet recently around April 2014 Bright Bingo was launched also under the popular and much sought after b-livegaming software. The best part which we think you guys have already figured out, like Bingo Cams this site is also owned by Dazzletag Entertainment Ltd.

Bright Bingo which is drenched in vibrant colours also has some of the most vibrant and coolest promotional offers. Also they keep changing their offers on a regular basis and thus there’s no way where you would be greeted with the same offers every month.

However, before we go ahead and give you an over view of the newest promotional offers there are some the regular ones too which you mustn’t miss out on. To begin with they’ll provide you with a £2 bonus, just when you open an account with them. If you wish to deposit then the depositing requirement is just a mere fiver and you would get a huge 400% bonus. So you get to play with £25! Bright Bingo also has a cool loyalty programme in place. There are 90 levels where you can earn rewards and 10 statuses for you to show your true colours.

Bright Bingo has good number of events which each one of you must indulge in. Here’s a quick look at some of the most exciting ones available currently at Bright Bingo. Between November 2nd & December 1st, you can collect Rainbow Drops by winning a full house in their qualifying rooms, and you can also get yourself an extra 2 drops each week by making at least one deposit, between each Monday – Sunday. Only the top 200 collectors of Rainbow Drops will be invited to play in their £1000 final, where they’ll also donate £2 to the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity for every player that qualifies for the final! They they have ‘double tickets’ where you would get one free ticket per ticket you buy. This started since September 2014 and it’s still goin on. We are not sure when this event will close, so hurry and be a part of this special room – ‘Double Ticks @ 6’ and bingo away. One of their promotional offer is such that it’s set to make sure you guys win pots of money. Enjoy 3 x £25 Jackpots in Bright Bingo’s brand new 1pm ‘3 of a Kind £75 room’.
Each day between 1pm and 2pm, you will be giving away 3 x £25 jackpots, as well as the usual luscious line prizes. If for any reason you can’t make it at 1pm then don’t worry. Simply use their prebuy feature and win without even being online.

Well there’s so much more at Bright Bingo that you need to log in to now more and make the most of it.

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