Jazz Up Your Days This Easter with Exclusive Bingo Promotions

Jazz Up Your Days This Easter with Exclusive Bingo PromotionsBingo is not only about gambling and the online bingo sites have proved that with their celebrations of different occasions, be it Christmas, New Year or Valentine’s Day. The upcoming one is however Easter and celebrations have started in full force not only in people’s homes but also in the world of online bingo. Easter as we all know is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion at Calvary. The Egg being so important in Easter as it is the symbol of rebirth and fertility hence most of the online bingo sites name their Easter special games and offers as “Easter Eggstravaganza” (however not all).

The celebrations are already underway for Easter in the world of online bingo though it is a good 15 days away! We at Bingo Espresso is here to give you an in depth information about the Easter special offers on some of the most popular online bingo sites so that all you bingo lovers can add that special zing to your game of bingo this Easter.

At Virgin Bingo the celebrations have kicked off with and players can and players can lay their hands on a share of £1,000 or £4,000 in the great £5,000 Easter giveaway. Grabbing your share is also quiet easy. All you need to do is pick any one of the eggs that they have in store. Well it’s Easter after all and eggs are special. The different eggs have different values and players need to play bingo for £50 or £150 of bingo tickets between the 3rd and the 8th of April and can get a chance of winning £50, £150, £300 or even £500 or a higher amount of £500, £750, £1,000 and £1,750. Well Virgin Bingo certainly has done it all to make this Easter special for their bingo players.

William hill is another online bingo site which has set out to make this Easter happy for all the bingo players and what better way than doing it with money. They have a whopping £22,000 Guaranteed Prize at William Hill Bingo on the 24th of April at 10:30 PM in their Community Room. The best part being the ticket prize for playing for such a huge amount is only a mere 50p. Well it’s Easter after all!

Easter for the ladies will be made special by 888Ladies. They have the £5K Easter Winnerland and the jackpot as you have already guessed by now is a staggering £5,000! This Easter special game has more chances of winning states 888Ladies. We say all you bingo lovers join the special celebrations, who know may be this Easter you would be the lucky one! The participation will only be accepted on Monday 21st April, 2014 @ 8:45pm and you need to click on the special ‘£5K Easter Winnerland’ tab. It’s a 90 ball bingo game and the card price is as low as 30p. That’s not all you can buy 2 cards, get 1 absolutely free!

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