Glossy Bingo and Ladbrokes Bingo would simply take your heart way- Try it out

Glossy Bingo and Ladbrokes Bingo LogoBingo is one of the most loved games that people indulge into. If played responsibly you can win some easy cash, have fun and also not get addicted to gambling. With the internet ruling there are more than 2000 online bingo sites and more are being added each day. However out of these amazing sites there are two which has taken most of my time space because of the great offers they have in store for all their existing and new players and also because the sites look cool. Ladbrokes Bingo and Glossy Bingo are the two online bingo sites which according to me can be considered to be two of the best bingo sites available in the present time.

Glossy Bingo’s software provided by Microgaming is an exclusive one in respect to some of the facilities on offer for their players. For example it allows player segmentation which is based on:-

  • Frequency of deposits made by each player, i.e. the higher the number of times a player deposits the greater the bonuses and other such incentives.
  • Glossy Bingo even does their segmentation on login
  • Frequency of being active on the site
  • Number of times a particular bingo game is played.

On the other hand Ladbrokes Bingo operates on Virtue Fusion software. Ladbrokes Bingo thus can offer state of the art bingo and slot games for players to enjoy.

Coming to the offers of both these sites I must mention that both of them have some amazing offers that one simply cannot refuse. For example Glossy Bingo would provide you with a whopping 400% on the first deposit bonus. That means if you deposit £10 you’ll be playing bingo with a staggering amount of £50! Ladbrokes bingo on the other hand offers you big money networked games such as Deal or No Deal Bingo and Lucky Numbers Oh not to forget the Penny Bingo through which you can win some good money.

Last but not the least the look of both Ladbrokes and Glossy Bingo is simple amazing. Ladbrokes is done up in light and deep shades of purple whereas Glossy Bingo looks like the pages of an expensive glossy magazine like Vogue or Cosmopolitan.

So folks try your hand out at Ladbrokes and Glossy Bingo and like me I am sure you would simple love the experience.

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