Bingo Brands Push Exposure on TV

Bingo Brands Push Exposure on TVFollowing the success of bingo sites such as jackpot joy and Foxy Bingo’s advertising campaigns, various other bingo brands have taken to running TV commercials.  Only give years ago or so there were only around 15 bingo sites in the UK. Today, there are over 400 and they must find new ways of pulling them apart from the competition.

Costa Bingo

Costa Bingo has just launched a major advertising campaign worth a staggering £1.5 million!  Following the success of their campaign in 2012, when they specifically promoted their free bingo games, they have decided to do a similar advert again.  The advert pushes the fact that Costa is “bringing happy days, better value and bigger jackpots to all” and “play for free, win real cash”.

The animated advert shows Costa’s mascot, Sunny, running up to a prison wall with a mallet and breaking it open, allowing all of the imprisoned bingo balls to bounce away into the distance.  There is no doubt that this cute and catchy advert will bring in lots of new players.

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo, from the Joy of Bingo network, have also recently launched a new television commercial.  At the start, a woman is sitting in her living room, with her dog,playing bingo.  All of a sudden, she wins a jackpot and jumps into a celebratory Irish-style line dance, in complete syncopation with her dog.

It is obvious that this advert was much less expensive make than Costa’s, but it definitely captures the viewers’ attention all the same.

The issue for Wink is that their site is not particularly impressive at the moment, so players who do end up going there will not necessarily be impressed enough to stay. Their site has been lacking updates and the promotions section is looking particularly dated.

Ads in the Future

Given the success of some of the bingo brands who have already launched TV ads, it would not be particularly surprising to see others doing the same.  Getting your brand in front of the eyes of millions of people across the population is bound to do them good.

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