Sun Bingo’s New Advert – Bursting with Fun

Sun BingoThe online bingo industry is currently experiencing a trend in which more and more brands are increasing their TV advertising presence.  Certain brands, such as Jackpot Joy and Foxy Bingo, have made their brand known in this way for many years, and it was not until recently that other bingo sites have using this method of boosting brand recognition.

The market for online bingo has quickly been becoming more crowded as the industry has boomed over the past five years.  There have been over 400 UK bingo sites launched throughout that period, and although we cannot be sure, the market must be nearing its point of saturation.  The thing about the bingo industry is that they all offer more or less the same thing, making it difficult for the individual brands to differentiate from each other.  A common way of doing this is through an enticing welcome offer.  The more recent approach to gaining awareness and hence, customers, is through television advertising.

Sun Bingo’s recently launched ad shows a couple in bed: the man is grumbling away as he tries to fall asleep, while the woman is sitting up playing an online bingo game. The man mutters something about “spare trousers” in response to the woman’s whimpers of excitement as she becomes closer to winning a prize.

The woman is so eager with anticipation that she cannot watch and covers her eyes with her hands.  She then wins the prize and in keeping with their ‘bursting with fun’ tagline, she explodes, inflates and becomes a massive number 43 bingo ball.

You then hear Joanna Page’s familiar voice, saying “Sun Bingo, bursting with fun”, before seeing the Sun Bingo ‘splash’ across her laptop screen.

The advert finishes with a clip telling viewers about the ‘limited time only’ welcome bonus.  When new players deposit £10, they not only receive £20 completely free, but they also receive a £10 voucher to spend at Domino’s Pizza!

In our opinion, the advert could have been a little more imaginative. However, one thing’s for sure; it definitely sums up the excitement felt getting a bingo win!

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